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Dermabrasions are partial destruction of the epidermis and sometimes of the dermis due to mechanical injury (usually scratches) or friction. Also, dermaabrasions can be caused by urinary or faecal incontinence. Dermabrasions heal without scarring.

Dermabrasions healing

For optimal healing, must prevent possible infection and to ensure removal of any foreign bodies. Cleaning can be done with soap and water and if it is found that there are foreign bodies (such as sand, in case of dermabrasion caused by fall by a rough surface) can use an abrasive method (a toothbrush nails), after which it bandaged.

If a crust is present, remove it and use bandages or dressings composed with antiseptic ointments, such as GANIKDERMA®.

GANIKDERMA® products in treatment of dermabrasions

Clearly, dressings which ensure a moist environment shows obvious clinical advantages compared to the “dry” dressings, in terms of comfort, pain and rate of infection. Also, the dressing should protect the wound and prevent infection.

GANIKDERMA® products offer the following solutions:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties of GANIKDERMA® Ointment are given according to the table below:
GANIKDERMA® ointment compound Constituent Effect
Olive oil Phenols Anti-inflammatory action
Oleocanthal Anti-inflammatory action
Sunflower oil Fatty acids Anti-inflammatory action
Camphor Anti-inflammatory action
  • Prevent and control infection, due the following properties of GANIKDERMA® Ointment constituents:
GANIKDERMA® ointment compound Constituent Effect
Olive oil Phenolics acid Antibacterial action
Tannins Antibacterial action
Beeswax Flavonic derivates (flavonide) Antibacterial action
Ferulic acid Antibacterial and bacteriostatic action
Colophonium Antiseptic
Camphor Antiseptic
Castor oil Ricinoleic acid Antibacterial action
  • Ensures a moist environment characterized by constant wound hydration, temperature and pH.
  • Provides natural micronutrients required for protein synthesis: fatty acids, sterols, esters, glycerides, provitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin E. They are necessary for the proper function of producing collagen, the primary constituent of the granulation tissue that heals a wound and the key component in blood vessel walls.
  • Provides the early development of granulation tissue by stimulating epithelial cells, keratocytes and endothelial cells by restoring the skin’s lipid barrier and the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Increases epithelization even in the case of deep wounds by stimulating the reserves of residual epithelial cells.
  • Assures a good quality of the new epithelium and help regenerates the skin with good tenderness and appearances.
  • Promote the formation of the tissues due to the Vitamin E, Oleic acid, and Phenolic compounds (antocian, flavonoid, tannins, phenolic acids).

Clinical cases cured with GANIKDERMA®

Patient 1 - Dermabrasions


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